Stop It With the 'Ooops' Marketing!

It's time we had a chat about something very serious.

I call it 'Ooops' Marketing. It's where you send a newsletter out and then anywhere from a few hours to a few days later, you send out another one with a subject line that says "I made a mistake!" or "I was so embarrassed!" or "OMG I'm SO SORRY!"

You open the email to find a big mea culpa. There was a wrong link, or the incorrect price was published, or there was some other mistake in the previous email. It doesn't matter what it was; every one of those emails sounds the same.

When these emails are planned, I think the point is to make the person sending them empathetic. "Stars, they're just like us!" In other words, if this colossal marketing guru can make a mistake on an email and still make eleventy billion dollars this week, so can you. So buy the class or the webinar or the book, so I can teach you how to be a human just like I clearly am!

Is your messaging giving the right impression of your business?

The thing is, these emails sound sloppy. To the novice, it looks like you don't have all of your poop in a group. Whether you haven't hired a professional writer, or you didn't have time to proofread your own message, or you didn't send a test email, your process is disorganized if you allowed an email with a mistake to get sent out. It doesn't even matter if the error was planned or if it was a legitimate mistake.

As a business owner, sending out mistakes makes you look bad.

Your clients are shallow. I'm not saying that as an insult. I'm shallow. I'm most definitely judging every single web page, Twitter post, and newsletter I see on their grammar. Because to me, poor grammar shows poor attention to detail. And that, dear reader, tells me that you're not going to pay attention to the details of the product or service you're providing me. It automatically makes me less interested in what you have to sell.

The messaging that you put out there into the world is what creates the first impression that your leads develop. If you've done the super hard work of getting them to sign up for your newsletter, why in the hell are you wasting the potential of that lead with sloppy copy?

Think of it this way. If you went out to dinner, would you pay for the food if it were overcooked? Would you buy a piece of art if the frame was chipped? Would you buy a suit if the hem was three inches shorter on the right leg?

Your message is every bit as important as making sure that the product or service you deliver is perfect.

If 'Ooops' Marketing is on your content plan for this year, take it off.


If it's not, you need to make sure that you comb through every piece of copy that goes out about your brand: newsletters, social media, and blog posts. Create copy that is error-free so that your messaging is on point; your message should be that you're a competent professional, not someone who doesn't catch critical customer-facing errors.

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