Newsletter Management Services from Working Mama Media

You've got your hands full.

Anyone who runs a business is juggling a lot of different back-end tasks. Those back-end tasks add up, and sometimes take you away from actually handling more important parts of your business.

My newsletter management services are designed to save you time while still allowing you to stay in contact with your leads. After all, you've invested a lot to build that email list; you need to be using it regularly!

I have a variety of different types of newsletter management services available. I can handle your newsletter from start to finish, or I can do the busy work after you've written the content. Maybe all you need is someone to do some list maintenance once in awhile. I can do that, too!

Create/Setup a New Newsletter List or Migrate a List from one Email Service to Another: $299

Template Design: $299

1 Email per Month, No Content: $150

2 Emails per Month, No Content: $275

4 Emails per Month, No Content: $500

1 Email per Month, 300 Words of Content: $250

2 Emails per Month, 300 Words of Content per Email: $475

4 Emails per Month, 300 Words of Content per Email: $850

Quarterly List Management (Send email to did not opens, then purge) $299 per list

All Newsletter Management Services include a $50 set up fee added to the first month's billing.

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