Business Management Services

Do you have a CRM?

Are your social media posts supporting your blog posts, and are those supporting your quarterly and yearly goals?

How are you currently handling customer service issues?

Is your SEO working, or are you barely a blip on Google?

Are all of your important files backed up?

Do you have any idea of what worked, or what didn’t, during your last product launch? Can you duplicate your success for your next product launch?

Are you feeling a little bit nauseous after reading this?

I get it. I’ve worked with dozens of business owners whose business is growing faster than they can keep track of. It almost seems like overnight you went from having everything under control to feeling like you’re slowly, but surely, losing track of important things. You're putting up blog posts just to have some fresh, relevant content. Your last launch was incredible, but you have no idea what you did that made it so great. And your CRM still has the same seven entries you started it with...three years ago.

Let's face it. If you don't get a handle on this, it's going to explode. It's going to end up with you burnt out, beat up, and feeling like you've failed. Which is a shame, because you've put in all this work, and you're just starting to take off.

At Working Mama Media, we want you and your business to thrive. We want you to be able to walk away for a week and not worry that it's all going to fall apart. We want you to have the systems in place to keep those clients you worked so hard to get. We want to help you reach more leads. We want to help you manage the parts of your business that you don't want to touch.

It all starts with the Systems Overview Consultation. We do a deep dive into your existing systems. Operations, content management, SEO, social media, the whole thing. We look at every aspect of your business and put together an actionable plan that you can implement the day you receive it. The whole thing takes about ten business days.

Where you go from there is up to you. You can work on implementing the plan we put together for you, or you can hire us to help you put everything in place. The Working Mama Media team has been helping business owners bring order to chaos for over a decade now, and we would love to help you, too!

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